Monday, May 07, 2007

Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse!

I just came back from the hospital. Have been suffering from horrible fever and nausea for four days since I got back from NY. I have been in bed during the golden week holidays...Apparently, I am infected with a virus. I have not been able to eat anything for the past few days except for some fruit and been drinking lots and lots of "Pokari Sweat" (what an awful name!!!)to prevent dehydration. I hate to put something chemical in my body when I am so weak but I have to admit that whoever devoloped this product should be applauded. A doctor told me that it was made originally as a medical product to prevent sick children from getting dehydrated. When you are nauseous, you can't even keep water in your stomach. Well, it works. Thank you, Pokari Sweat. Anyway, while in bed, I read three interesting bestsellers by health and anti-aging specialists; Dr. Nicholas Perricone's "The Perricone Promise!, Dr. Don Colbert's "Toxic Relief" and Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures." What they're basically saying is boost up your body's natural system and get rid of the toxic stuff that is clogging it up. Well, since I do need to lose weight and can't eat anyway, I decided to go on Dr. Colbert's toxic relief program. I even considered that famous "Master Cleanse Program" that is basically about drinking glasses of lemon juice with cayenne pepper and maple syrup for ten days. But I know I'll give up after the first day...I bet it tastes awful! At least Colbert's program allows you to drink fresh fruit juice which is yummier so... I desperately need to get stronger to fight off this virus!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Pores Are Invisible!!

I just got back last night from a loooong flight from New York and am absolutely exhausted to the point I got really really sick. I have been sleeping for the past 48 hours in order to recuperate from a nasty virus attack. I was in the States to attend the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine's Annual International Congress in Orlando and learned soooo much about health, skincare and age management. I want to share some of these eye opening discoveries but my head is spinning so please give me some time. However, I will write about a shocking experience I had right before I left NY. In Orlando, I was attending these sessions together with physicians and dermatologists who conduct aesthetic treatments to patients with skin problems and learned about this interesting "chirally correct" medical skin care line called Cosmedix that is only prescribed by professionals. So although I was dying to check the products out, the women at the booth won't sell them to matter how many times I explained to them that I have to go back to Japan! So the minute I got to NY, I googled for clinics that carry their products and found one on upper west side. I made an appointment at 11am. The night before, I had a class reunion till 10:30pm, had to meet another friend after that, rushed to Harlem to listen to my old friends play at a jazz jam session that went on till 3am at the Lenox Lounge. So I went to bed at 5am tired, totally forgot about the appointment the next day, but something instinctive in my brain made me open my eyes at 15 min. to 11 and suddenly remind me about the 11 o'clock appointment on 84th street. I actually got ready in ten minutes and ran out of the house after a quick shower, brushing my teeth and no time to put anything on my face. Diana, the facialist at Sara Savage Skin Care looked at my face and commented that I am lucky I had no wrinkles thanks to the oily skin but then oily skin comes hand in hand with enlarged pores. "I see a lot of black heads..." and suggested I do a facial, which was not part of my original plan since I was there just to purchase the products. I thought, why not, but deep inside I was skeptical that a simple facial was going to get rid of the stubborn blackheads I have had for decades.So what she did was a simple peel using this blueberry product from Cosmedix and later covering my face with a mask.But when she physically started to squeeze the blackheads out, I was shocked because I could not believe aesthetic professionals still depended on means so primitive!She lilted that I would be surprised to see my face after the treatment but I was getting really sceptical and worried that my face would be all red from the squeezing.After she put some lotion on my face to finish things off, she handed over a mirror for me to see the result. Believe me, I am not joking or exaggerating.My face looked at least ten years younger and my skin had never looked so tight and smooth in my life! I did not see any visible pores or ugly black heads!I can't tell you how shocked I was!My skin looked radiant and it seemed like I had a layer of foundation to cover the flaws.I left the salon in shock and e-mailed my friend, Sach about this, since she was complaining about her skin the night before.This is the third day after the brutal flight from NY and I still don't see a single black head on my face. Could this be for real??? I am not sure if this result will happen to just anyone with pore problems or I happened to be lucky but in case you want to check it out, the place is on 84th street between Columbus and CPW, Sara Savage Skin Care Center, a small facial place run by Sara and Diana. Number is 212-874-1327. Sach, you have to tell me if it worked for you, too. In bliss, I decided to walk to Filene's Basement and celebrate by buying lots and lots of summer clothes!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another Reunion in New York

Another Sacred Heart Reunion took place tonight at Telepan's on 69th street, New York. Mary, also known as "Mecko" is someone I have not seen for THIRTY years! I was afraid I would not recognize her but amazingly, she has not changed a bit. Sach, whom I have not seen since college also looked exactly the same...Don't they age? The darling baby here is Mecko's son Ryan, 1 year and four months old. Isn't he cute? Sach and I spent hours in front of easels in highschool because we both believed we will become artists someday. I chose a different path but she also chose to become an executive at a major IT company. When I asked her, "Why?Why? Why?" Her answer was, "Technology is really creative." Wow, that is one new perspective. Well, it was a wonderful evening and time flew as we talked about our lives, gossiped about who is divorcing who, and shared information on good dermatologists and masseuses in New York.Next time, I hope Nancy and Marina can join!

My Public Relations Mentors in New York

I am in New York. I got to meet my two invaluable mentors in Public Relations. The one in the photo is Ms.Sylvia, former producer of ABC television network,who has taught me a lot about television and documentary film production.She is such a warm and embracing human being, I cannot thank her enough for the support and friendship she gave me over the years. The other PR-mentor is Jeff who is now a successful lawyer in Manhattan and whom I deeply respect for his strong sense of justice and fairness. I am really lucky I had both of you as my guys taught me a lot and I hope I was an OK student.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Visiting "My Family" in California

I am visiting "my family" in California before I leave for the International Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine in Orlando tomorrow night. Tonight the boys and girls staged for us a fabulous show of "Grease." They were so cute!! But why do these kids know all the songs? That movie was made when I was in highschool...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brain Aging?

Finally, we got to meet. Today I had dinner with Dr. Satoe Matsubayashi of Ginza Naika Clinic, a famous anti-aging doctor and a specialist on brain aging (I need serious advice cuz I can’t remember names any more…). We have been going back and forth by e-mail for weeks, trying to set a date which would suit both of our busy schedules. We are of the same age; she, an anti-aging medical specialist and I, an avid experimenter and we share information on our trials and errors. Me: “I am exhausted. I am juggling two jobs at the same time and working like a mule. I gained four kilograms in two months and my face is breaking out. Help me…” Doctor sighs, “My conclusion is there is no short cut, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise. There is no magical anti-aging formula.” Me:”I know that!! If I can, I’d be going to yoga every night. But I come home after ten and am absolutely exhausted and the only human thing I can do is to wash my face, so don’t expect me to go to the kitchen and cook vegetables. It is unthinkable. I went to the hair salon last week and the young guy who massages shoulders was horrified by how steel hard my shoulder muscles were! He was shocked and he told me that if your blood circulation is poor in your shoulders, less blood goes to your brain and your brain starts to slow down. I cannot afford that in my job. Is that true?” Doctor: “No.” Me: (Phew…) “Glad you confirmed that for me, cuz I was seriously getting worried…” The conversation went on for a couple of hours and I went home satisfied with all the specific advice she gave me and the name of products she recommended…until I got home. My nagging worries about my brain deteriorating from poor blood circulation was confirmed…When I tried to remember the products she recommended, I could not remember a thing!!! Aaaah, this is too scary…I can’t handle it. I am going to bed.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Enlarged Pores and Aging

I think Japanese women are obsessed with enlarged pores. When you read women’s beauty magazines, you are amazed by the number of pore-erasing products that are featured every month. Together with whitening, pore care is definitely a national obsession here.
I must admit I have been tackling with enlarged pores for years myself. I even went to a dermatologist in desperate need of a solution, but all he gave me was a soap with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). I have been using that soap for several months but my pores still look larger than life!
So what has caused my pores to enlarge? Is it because I'm aging? One cause seems to be hereditary, so the doctor told me. Fortunately, my skin never goes dry but because of the excess oil, the pores seem to be more noticeable. Sun damage and aging seem to be another big cause. Aging and sun exposure make the epidermis thicken and cells tend to collect around pores, making “rings” that cause pores to stand out. That is why a lot of pore-care products exfoliate (like that AHA soap) so that the naturally shed dead skin cells won't gather around the rim and make pores become visible. These pores start to look even bigger when plugged with dirt, and becoming black heads.
So, recently, I experimented with a new pore-care product out in the market called CUTINA. It is a medicated gel product that you massage your face with and later rinse off or wipe off with cotton. It is supposed to remove dead skin cells and minimize your pores. And here is my review after using it for a week:
• Unplugging debris and dead skin cells: Very Good, no skin irritation like many exfoliating products.
• Eliminating bacteria: Cannot tell??
• Reducing excessive oiliness: Extremely Effective
• Removing blackheads: Seems to be less noticeable
• Closing Pores: Very Good
• Hydrating: Very Good, with no sticky after-feel.
So far, quite impressed with the visible results I have seen with Cutina. Will continue for a few more weeks but I plan to also try a similar product from Kathy’s Choice "Acid Lotion" to compare. Will report later…In the meantime, Cutina is worth trying.